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Website Development

We love that web technology empowers us to build extremely useful websites for a fraction of the time and cost that it used to. We love using WordPress because it allows us to create a site that fits all kinds business needs, from e-commerce to blogging. Our sites are responsiveA responsive design automatically adjusts its layout and swaps images for optimal viewing on different sized displays, especially phones, and easy for customers to update.

We can consult for a few hours a week, or do all the work. It varies with the project.

Complete Development

We can do all the site development work if needed. That includes writing, layout, and site-building. We did everything but take the pictures on the Yankee One Design website.

Project Management

Actual Websites can manage the development of your website, even if you want to do most of the work.

Our clients are often good writers or designers, and these days web pages are easy to make, it’s drag and drop fun. If you want to do the writing and layout yourself, without learning any HTML, we can build the framework and show you the tools.

While web pages are increasingly simple to make, web sites are getting more complex. There’s critical technology like security, SEO, SERPs, and CMSs with 32 separate files of CSS. Maybe you can create 70% of the site yourself, but you need someone to walk you through the process and be available to handle the technical parts when they come up. We can do that.

The Hilltop Children’s Center’s website was created with this kind of partnership. Staff members at the preschool wrote the content and created the pages. Actual Websites did the project management, site architecture, and technical bits.

Website Maintenance

We manage all software updates and monitor site uptime, performance, and site backups. Updates are tested before rolling out changes your production sites. Testing updates minimize risk and the possible need to roll back and restore from a backup. If there are any problems with site uptime and security and we will notify you as soon as possible.

Convert Your Existing Site to WordPress

There are a lot of advantages to using WordPress, it’s a good solution for sites that have been historically hard to update or maintain or that lack important functionality. But not everybody needs a new design. We can recreate your site in WordPress, keeping the same look and feel. This site that you’re viewing was coded by hand using Foundation 5 and then recreated a few years later in WordPress with the same layout and design.

Help You Master WordPress

WordPress is a great content management system for people who want to frequently update their website, without knowing HTML. We can come to your office and give you or your team lessons.

Modify Your Existing Site

We can add a blog to your existing site even if you’re not currently using WordPress.

Happy Clients

We’re happy when our clients are happy.

“You all have been amazing with the website! Austin keeps saying how much he’s learning and enjoying working with you and on this project, too. Thank you for your creativity, mentorship of him, and persistence with this project!!”
– Liddy Wendell, Executive Director of Hilltop Children’s Center

“Gorgeous and gargantuan project! Bravo!”
-Dan Page, Yankee One Design owner

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